Working towards a brighter future for all our planet and all of its inhabitants.

It's no secret that technical skills and tools are in demand. Understandably so. Software is still eating the world, a phenomenon we shouldn't anticipate ending anytime soon.

Increasingly, decisions aren't made primarily by logic coded into software by humans. Instead, we rely on artificial intelligences and systems that can learn and improve on their own. Futurists have long recommended caution out of fear these systems will overthrow existing governments one day.

The following principals, laid out at the founding of Uptime Ventures, are designed to guide our work and that of our colleagues.

Innovation Comes at a Cost

This doesn't simply refer to the Silicon Valley ideal of "disrupting," a market. Instead, it's an invitation to technologists around the world to scrutinize technical systems for social costs.

When technology is used to undermine the basic humanity of others, it ceases to be a positive force.

Consistently Deliver Value

It's not enough to build something new. In order to deliver the best product, we have build it in partnership with those who will use it most.

Beginning even in the earliest stages, the usefulness of a product or idea must be constantly demonstrated.

Don't Needlessly Hide Our Mistakes

Mistakes are how we all learn. It's important to generations of future tech workers that we leave our mistakes (and their resulting fixes!) intact.

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